Past Projects

Clockwise from upper left: Lisa Barnes as Ruth, Jeanne Lauren Smith as Stevie, Jimmy Pope as Paul, and Heather Carlson as Amy.

The Big Pivot

A short film written and directed by Chris Harcum. Produced by Elephant Run District. Co-produced by Aimee Todoroff. Starring: Lisa Barnes as Ruth, Heather Carlson as Amy, Jimmy Pope as Paul, and Jeanne Lauren Smith as Stevie. Running time: 8 minutes.

Official selection at 28 film festivals, award winner at seven festivals, finalist at six festivals, and semi-finalist at seven festivals. More details at Film Freeway.

Martin Denton, Martin Denton

The Kraine Theater, East Village

Marisol Rosa-Shapiro in Martin Denton, Martin Denton

Martin Denton, Martin Denton is about someone so great, they had to name him twice.” — Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times

Martin Denton, Martin Denton is sure to captivate audiences with good, kooky laughs, bittersweet nostalgia and a gained appreciation of just how very important theater is to the structure of this world and the people in it.” –Kristen Morale, Broadway World

“Chris Harcum’s Martin Denton, Martin Denton is to indie theatre what James Lapine’s Act One was to Broadway; an enchanting tale of how one man’s deep love for the artform changed the landscape of its era. While Lapine’s adaptation of Moss Hart’s autobiography was a sober, traditional take on a man’s life, Harcum takes a zanier approach using elements of stand-up, Brechtian fourth wall breaking, and buddy comedy, to create an impressionistic portrait.” –Jose Solis, Talkin’ Broadway

“The saga of a humdrum fellow who became a champion of off-off-Broadway theater…a nice story that offers audiences a sentimental journey through off-off-Broadway byways.” –Michael Sommers, Village Voice

Marisol Rosa-Shapiro and Chris Harcum. Photo by Cilla Villanueva.

American Gun Show

Gryphon Venues in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland

“Chris Harcum bravely approaches a taboo subject: guns. The American, performing in Edinburgh for the first time, is not attempting to brainwash people into being anti-gun — or pro-human as he calls it — but simply attempts to shed light on the mad obsession his fellow Americans have with firearms…While a dark subject, there is still plenty of laughter combined with audience participation. By tackling the subject through comedy he gives theater-goers the chance of a release — without the lighter parts the production could become too dark. Harcum has a powerful stage presence and is a very good actor who is not afraid to put himself on the line.” -Paula Murray, Scottish Sunday Express

Five stars! Chris Harcum’s charisma was enough to have our attention instantly. Once he’d drawn us in, the tone became more serious: he mixed jokes with facts about violence and guns in his country; and more importantly, he transmitted the real fear and anger of living with this issue. This is not just a satire, it’s a mirror into our own actions, and Harcum delivers a powerful message that echoes in your mind long after the show is over.” -Natalia Equihua, Three Weeks

American Gun Show pic 2
Chris Harcum in American Gun Show.

“Harcum doesn’t shy away from the big issues: guns, banks, security, masculinity, fear, love, life, and most importantly, death. Furthermore, they are approached with sensitivity and intelligence. His references were entertaining and diverse: from Batman to Tennessee Williams, Harcum paints quite the picture…Moreover, the show tapped into the absurdities of contemporary paranoia very successfully, and Harcum’s energetic hatred for the uncivilised tendencies of the rare but ridiculous New York baddies was both humorous and captivating.” -Emma Banks, Broadway Baby

“But despite all that weirdness – or maybe because of it – Chris Harcum’s one-man production is among the most compelling shows I’ve seen at this year’s (Edinburgh Festival) Fringe…as he sits alone under a spotlight, playing it utterly straight now, he shares an almost terrifying narrative about the events that have brought him to Edinburgh.  As he talked, the silence from his audience was absolute… and for a while, I swear I was holding my breath…If you’re looking for a show to talk about – where you’ll leave the theatre wanting to discuss both its message and its style – then you really won’t find better than this one.” -Richard Stamp, FringeGuru

“The potency of live performance is clearly demonstrated by the end…as is Harcum’s impressive range as an actor and director Aimee Todoroff’s skill… you will want to catch this surprising new work.” –Martin Denton, NYTheatre

“Execution is a study of theater craft that belongs in a textbook…sprezzatura oozes from every pore and drips onto the stage in a puddle of tightly crafted theatre, created to look like a completely spontaneous phenomenon… (Chris Harcum) works like James Brown… trust me when I tell you the show is worth seeing… flawless.”  -Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol

Brecht in the Park

Near the southeast corner of the Great Hill in Central Park


Director: Aimee Todoroff, Mask & Additional Design: Joe Osheroff, Assistant Director: Lacy Reily, Stage manager: Heather Olmstead, Translation by Eric Bentley. Starring: Ethan Angelica*, Jenny Tibbels, Mel House, Michael Perrie Jr., Rebecca Nyahay and Ron Dizon.

The cast of BRECHT IN THE PARK. Ethan Angelica. Photo by Chris Harcum.
Ethan Angelica in Brecht in the Park 2013.

Three rarely performed one acts by Bertolt Brecht- The Elephant Calf (1926), In Search of Justice (1938) and The Exception and the Rule (1929).  This imaginative production fused physical and political theatre, and brought these early 20th century works into the contemporary world of the Occupy Movement, Citizens United, Stop & Frisk actions and Stand Your Ground laws.

“Does all that foliage and fresh air have you feeling alienated? Then you may be the perfect spectator for Elephant Run District’s evening of three one-acts by Bertolt Brecht.” –Alexis Soloski, Village Voice

Elephant Run District brings us into the 21st century with “Brecht in the Park,” a suite of three short and rarely seen works by that Weimar-era wunderkind…” –A.C. Lee, The New York Times

Brecht in the Park 2013. Photo by Chris Harcum
Jenny Tibbels and Ron Dizon in Brecht in the Park 2013. Mask by Joe Osheroff.

“Aimee Todoroff gives Bertolt Brecht an Occupy Wall Street spin with this free, alfresco collection of three short plays by the German provocateur.”Time Out New York

“Shakespeare in the Park? That’s so traditional. How about Brecht in the Park?”American Theatre Magazine @AmTheatreMag

This free production was made possible in part by a grant from the Yip Harburg Foundation as well as a space grant from the League of Independent Theater. The Elephant Calf (1926), In Search of Justice (1938) and The Exception and the Rule (1929) were presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Rabbit Island

The Kraine Theater, East Village

Written by Chris Harcum. Directed by Aimee Todoroff. Stage Manager: Heather Olmstead. Starring: Ethan Angelica, Carrie Heitman, Joel Nagle, Mel House, and Mariko Iwasa.

Backstage Critic’s Pick:  “raucous and rabid hourlong comedy… an insanely funny portrait of crazed urbanites, perfectly balancing exaggerated parody with honest characterization.”  -David Sheward

Cultural Capital:  “tight, fast, and full of genuinely funny jokes… a seamless hour of hilarity.”  -Will Kenton

NYTheatre:  “one of the most polished, professional, and entertaining festival shows I’ve seen in quite some time. It is certainly going to emerge as a highlight of this year’s FRIGID.”  -Martin Denton

Joel Nagle, Carrie Heitman, Mel House, and Ethan Angelica in Rabbit Island.

The Happiest Medium:  “a physical comedy routine that is almost too beautifully executed to be called clowning, but is too funny to be anything else… a play that has as many twists, spins, highs and lows as any ride you’ll find at the amusement park.”  Karen Tortora-Lee


Metropolitan Playhouse, East Village

Written and Performed by Chris Harcum. Directed by Aimee Todoroff.

Chris Harcum as Green.
Chris Harcum as Green.

A Sci-Fi Solo Performance Adventure. “Green is a simple man living in complicated times. He’s criminally poor, illegally artistic, and–as one of the last full-blooded humans in the universe–isn’t welcome anywhere, except on the oxygen farms of the penal colony on Planet Plymouth Rock. But no one counts on Green being quite so human, and a trip to the interplanetary pokey soon turns into an epic misadventure with crooked politicians, rigged elections, double agents, bickering robot lovers, supernova recording artists and the sweetest Scottish Mercenary in the galaxy.  It will take a poet to straighten out this mess– but even if Green can save the world, will there be a place for him in it?”

“The kind of theatre I love best… a script that’s smart and heartfelt, a skillful actor determined to tell me a story, and a director that guides me into this new world with trust and care… Green is delightful, insightful and dazzlingly theatrical… a definite highlight of the current theatre season.”  -Martin Denton, NYTheatre

“Whirlwind solo sci-fi show… an agile performer, traversing imaginary solar systems with gusto.”  -Miriam Felton-Dansky, Village Voice

“A smart, evocative play… unexpectedly poignant.”  -Anita Gates, The New York Times

We Haven’t Told Anyone About This

Manhattan Theatre Source, West Village

Written by Chris Harcum. Directed by Aimee Todoroff. Starring Kate Foster, Rainbow Geffner, and Chris Harcum.

Nothing is as it seems in Lana and Eric’s living room. When Paige arrives early for her catering job, she uncovers a Pandora’s Box of deception, redemption and sexual deviance, with echoes of the Bernie Madoff scandal. “Walks the line between dark comedy and drama… both compelling and, at times, quite humourous.”  –Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy


Kate Foster in We Haven’t Told Anyone About This.



Seventh Street Small Stage, East Village

Chris Harcum and Joanna Parson in Jump.

Written by Cusi Cram. Directed by Aimee Todoroff. Starring Joanna Parson and Chris Harcum.

Part of an evening of one-act plays written specifically to be performed in the back room at Jimmy’s No. 43, Jump is a quirky love story about two people ready to take the leap.

“An oddball first-date story that Aimee Todoroff tells with just the right balance of bewilderment and humor… great chemistry from Chris Harcum and Joanna Parson… fluidly paced work that exhibits not just passion, but savvy.”  Doug Strassler, Showbizweekly

Siobhan O’ Loughlin’s Broken Bone Bathtub

Bathtubs in private residences around New York City

12/12/15 Siobhan O'Loughlin - Photo by Jason Speakman
Photo by Jason Speakman

“With only a modicum of information about the production I committed to seeing Broken Bone Bathtub because (1) I love theater in private homes, (2) the thought of such an intimate production made me uncomfortable and that made me curious, nervous, and excited, and (3) it is produced by Aimee Todoroff and Chris Harcum of Elephant Run District, two artists I trust both as arbiters of quality and creators of work intended to challenge and disrupt…Once beyond the shock of being in a bathroom with seven other people, one of whom is undressed and in the bath, you’ll find a traditionally structured one woman show recounting the events of a traumatic experience.” –Lindsay Barenz, Maxamoo

Broken Bone Bathtub is unlike anything that you’ve experienced before. It will change your perspective.” –Leta Tremblay, NYTheater Now

“This was one of the most special solo shows I’ve ever seen, and I won’t soon forget it.” –Mariah MacCarthy, New York Theatre Review

Stampede Labs

Stampede Lab

A curated evening of indie theater. Where artists from Off Off’s heritage mix with the people making it happen today.

3 downtown theater companies present up to 15 minutes of soon-to-be produced  pieces. Smart, daring, funny, challenging, raw and focused. In between there are short interviews, conversations and trivia. No lame talk-backs, no excruciating soap boxes and no rambling work.

Spring 2013 participants at the Chain Theatre, Long Island City, included:

Angelica Cheri, The Middle Voice Theater Company, Una Osato, Clay McLeod Chapman, Hook & Eye Theater Company, Nicole Pandolfo, Siobhan O’Laughlin, Mariah MacCarthy, Tim Nolan/Variations Theatre Group and Animal Engine.

Fall 2012 participants at The Living Theatre, 21 Clinton Street included:

The clown Mariko Iwasa was a participant in ERD's Stampede Lab at the Living Theatre.
The clown Mariko Iwasa was a participant in ERD’s Stampede Lab at the Living Theatre.

Epic Theatre Ensemble, Peculiar Works Project, Homunculus Mask Theatre, The New York Neo-Futurists, Sponsored by Nobody, Boomerang Theatre Company, NY Artists Unlimited, Re:Group Theatre, The Soundtrack Series’ Dana Rossi, Gus Schulenburg , FullStop Collective, The 15th Floor, No. 11 Productions, Mariko Iwasa, Ashlin Halfnight, Sheila Head, Bricken Sparcino, Pamala Sabaugh, Everybody Nose NYC, Original Binding, Gideon Productions, Piper McKenzie, Clancy Productions and Martin Denton.

Past Participants Are Saying:

“Elephant Run District’s Stampede Lab is the best incubator/try-out/hang-out/gathering of the tribes I’ve seen in many years.  I was asked to participate in September 2012… The set-up was warm, open and relaxed.  The feedback I got made me practically run back to my writing desk to put down the next draft.  I also listened to and met some independent theater artists I’ve known by reputation for years and because of the Stampede Lab, now know.  This is a simple, powerful and important thing and we need to support Elephant Run District and applaud them for doing it.” — John Clancy, Obie winner

The performer Una Osato participated in ERD's Stampede Lab at the Chain Theatre.
The performer Una Osato participated in ERD’s Stampede Lab at the Chain Theatre.

“Elephant Run District’s Stampede Lab is a rare and phenomenal opportunity for theater artists to meet, share work, and brainstorm together. Aimee Todoroff and Chris Harcum are doing an amazing job helping to promote a sense of community between New York City’s indie theater members, offering us a place to explore together and develop a sense of unity as artists…  The experience was fantastically positive and gave our cast an added lift going into the full production. Aimee and Chris foster a supportive environment that allows the artists to risk and push themselves in a judgment free environment. They exemplify everything that is right about indie theater.” — Tom Slot, Original Binding

“The Stampede Lab is a truly awesome opportunity for emerging theater companies to showcase their work for each other in a supportive environment that fosters networking. By enabling indie companies to expand their circles and reach larger audiences drawn together by similar missions and artistic goals, the Lab is a truly essential component to bringing theatrical artists together and the continued success of the indie theater scene in NYC. “ — Michael Raimondi, Homunculus Mask Theater

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