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The hERD Podcast is a platform for audiences to experience work by playwrights and artists performed live in front of an audience in New York City and then streamed around the globe on the internet.

Berta, Berta

Berta, Berta. Written by Angelica Chéri. Directed by Cezar Williams. Featuring Neil Dawson, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Zhailon Levingston, Amber Chardae Robinson, and Sean Stokes. Inspired by the legendary prison work song of the same name from Parchman Farm, Mississippi. On the night of the unthinkable, Leroy retreats to the one safe haven he has: Berta’s arms. Haunted by the ghost of “What If,” the lovers wrestle with the demons of the past as well as the possibilities of the future. But can they rekindle a flame hot enough to burn fate?


Zelda & Scott

Zelda & ScottWritten by Bethie Fowler. Directed by Marc Atkinson. Featuring Edward Bauer and Mia Jessup. Zelda & Scott is about the Jazz Age literary celebrities F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a fast-paced and unexpected portrait of a much-studied and biographied pair as they meet, marry, and travel the world together.


Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth

Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth: Written by Don Nguyen. Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker. Featuring: Mathew Park, John Roque, Grace Rex, Daiva Dupree, and Jessica Cannizzaro. William and Freddy are trying to ensure Voyager 1 makes it to interstellar space. Betsy and Shoshana are trying to have a baby. Both prove equally difficult. Meanwhile, the Oldest Explorer in the Universe watches over all of them.


Self: Same

Self: Same. Written by Ciara Ni Chuirc. Directed by Aimee Todoroff. Featuring Bill Bria, Peter Halpin, and Clare O’Malley. The story of a young woman who tears herself from her homeland of Ireland to start a new life in America. However, she is haunted by the part her that she left behind, her twin brother Fionn. Told through three different perspectives: Einin; her twin brother, Fionn; and the boy she met in America, Bo.


Sex and Charitable Giving

Sex and Charitable Giving. Written by Lisa Huberman. Directed by Aimee Todoroff.  Featuring Kristen Cantwell, Imran Sheikh, Jacklyn Collier, Patrice Bell, and Lisa Huberman. A comedy about love, boundaries and philanthropy. Ankit and Natasha awkwardly embark on a BDSM journey together. Their sexual fantasy collides with their ethical values when they begin sponsoring a little girl in Nepal. As they sink into the emotional rabbit hole of their role play, third world problems disrupt their first world lives.


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