Collaborators: Ethan Angelica, Kristin Cantrell, Justin Cave, Ciara Ni Chuirc, Matthew Fischer, Bethie Fowler, Chris Harcum, Helen Herbert, Mel House, Mariko Iwasa, Heather Olmstead, Alex Ortwein, Marisol Rosa-Shapiro, Aimee Todoroff, and Guy Yedwab.
This elephant family lost our beautiful collaborator Sidiki Fofana in July 2017. We will continue to hold a place for him in our hearts. 
Aimee 1Artistic Director: Aimee Todoroff is proud to have been a part of several Obie Award winning productions, performing in the Peculiar Works Project’s “Off Stage-the East Village Fragments” and directing “Green” for the Metropolitan Playhouse. She has also directed at Primary Stages, The Living Theatre, HERE Arts Center, Writopia Labs, and elsewhere. She has directed the premieres of works by Cusi Cram, Daisy Foote, and Chris Harcum, including “Martin Denton, Martin Denton,” “Rabbit Island,” and “American Gun Show,” a 5-star reviewed show in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Aimee received her MFA in Directing from Southampton Arts, studying with Marsha Norman, Nick Mangano, Rinde Eckert, and Austin Pendleton among others. Aimee was the Assistant Director under the director John Rando and the playwright David Ives for Classic Stage Company’s production of “The Heir Apparent.”
BethieFowlerLiterary Manager: Bethie Fowler is an American playwright who has written for stage and film. She has worked in the education departments of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and the Dublin Shakespeare Festival, as a writer/performer for RTE – Ireland’s national television, and in the literary department of Atlantic Theater Company. Bethie received her BA from Trinity College Dublin and her MFA from SUNY Stony Brook.
writeoutfront2014Founding Member: Chris Harcum is an award-winning actor and playwright. His full-length plays include “Martin Denton, Martin Denton,” “Rabbit Island,” and “The Devil in Ms. Spelvin.” He has performed in over 200 projects as an actor. As a solo performer, he has created and performed several shows including “American Gun Show,” “Some Kind of Pink Breakfast,” “Anhedonia Road,” and “American Badass,” which was published in NYTE’s “Plays and Playwrights 2009” anthology. Chris is the recipient of the Leading Lights of Independent Theater Award for his ongoing advocacy and support.