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Episode One

Play Scott & Zelda

Zelda & ScottWritten by Bethie Fowler. Directed by Marc Atkinson. Featuring Edward Bauer and Mia JessupZelda & Scott is about the Jazz Age literary celebrities F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a fast-paced and unexpected portrait of a much-studied and biographied pair as they meet, marry, and travel the world together.


Episode Two

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Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth: Written by Don Nguyen. Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker. Featuring: Mathew Park, John Roque, Grace Rex, Daiva Dupree, and Jessica Cannizzaro. William and Freddy are trying to ensure Voyager 1 makes it to interstellar space. Betsy and Shoshana are trying to have a baby. Both prove equally difficult. Meanwhile, the Oldest Explorer in the Universe watches over all of them.


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